The expertise and array of knowledge Charlene has, when it comes to massage techniques and anatomy is SECOND TO NONE.

She has saved my life from pain countless times during the last 20 years. I can ALWAYS count on her to heal me and my patients.

Carlos G. Levy D.O.

Board Certified Family Practice.

My experience with Structural Integration and Charlene was amazing... after each session I felt a change mentally and physically in my body. There was blocked energy that had been stagnate and finally able to move and be released.  Charlene enjoys what she does and that made each session even better.

Carol Briseno
Advanced Thermography of South Florida

It took a couple of CTM sessions for my body to feel the benefits and release the pain I had in my lower back.
After some Structural Integration sessions it felt like Charlene reached into the sky grabbed some stars and placed them inside me; in a place I didn't know existed.  I felt spacious, open and  renewed.

Scott S.

After The 10 series of  Structural Integration I felt like my body was released  from prison!


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