Modalities / Treatments


CTM is an individual experience. No oil or lotion is used. My contact is generally broad, slow, and intentional. Most clients say it is relaxing, yet energizing.

I create space in your body by lengthening fascia. It does feel different than any other massage I know. It differs from neuromuscular therapy since CTM is NOT compressive.  Sometimes CTM is firm or intense but you are always in charge. More space allows more freedom to move effortlessly in your body.

Some people respond immediately,  yet others need to let their body adapt by experiencing it a few times to get the essence of this massage.


SI is a series of 10 one and one half hour sessions. I assist you in learning how to be supported by gravity, based on Ida P. Rolf’s principles and teachings.

Like the ocean waves can wear away and make smooth the edges of sharp glass; gravity, from the time we get upright, wears away at us being upright and leaves many of us shorter and hunched over as we age.

Each session focuses on a different part of the body. You are an active participant in the process,  giving you a greater awareness of your body, movement, and the space around you.

You are always in charge of how intense the work will be each time


I use a hand held device applied to the skin for pain relief.  
Many people (not in pain but stressed) find it has a soothing and calming effect.

I have been using this technology for over 10 years now.  It usually works well for diminishing acute pain. Regarding chronic pain, it can help as well but one needs to be more patient because the process will probably take longer.

If this therapy is needed, I weave this into the other massage techniques to get the best results.

Some insurance companies now recognize the value of this device to help patients manage pain and cover some of the cost so you can have this and use it at home.


AIS is a technique I assist you with or teach you to do on your own. It consists of gentle to moderate 1-2 second stretches with you fully clothed.

This is my favorite resource for “homework” or self-care after a treatment. It can be a treatment if you would like.


Here I move the muscles along a nerve pathway to reset the nervous system and treat the cause of the problem. You  participate by stretching or having me stretch each muscle along the nerve pathway that needs rebalancing.

You stay fully clothed during the treatment and it usually takes 15-30 minutes (depending on which nerve is actively causing pain). For best results, schedule three treatments in a row or one day in-between.

I can teach you some treatments or you can purchase DVD’s for self- help.


Well, I do use oil here but only a little. This massage is a balance between working and kneading the muscles and stretching the muscles.

This massage is received on a regular massage table (traditional Thai massage is done on a floor mat). There is a flow and rhythm that makes it feel like a dance to me.

A lot of people have felt significantly better and thoroughly enjoyed the process. Many clients alternate between CTM and Swe-Thai massage depending on their needs that day.

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