Booking a Massage

HOURS: Flexible, usually 10:30am to 8:30pm; 7days a week

LOCATION: Your home or office from Wellington to Sunny Isles depending on the day and time.

GENERAL INFORMATION: If you just need a tune-up, one hour and fifteen minutes is just enough time to accomplish that.

The myokinesthetic treatment works best when it's done several days in a row and after the first session only takes half an hour.

If you have aches and pains to treat along with massaging the rest of you, one and one-half hours is enough time to take care of both.

I like to design the treatment or massage to meet your needs.

CONTACT: The best way to reach me is to call or text me at 954-612-1411. You can email me at Charlene@RoweMassage.com.  If I don't answer, I may be in a session, so please leave a message and I will respond promptly.

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